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UPDATE: Sadly, our easy and affordable rapid antigen tests are currently not accepted for Test-to-Release (though still great for other travel needs). Rules are changing all the time though. You now need a PCR test instead - download a discount voucher now for 25% off with our partner lab, Randox.

BUY PCR test using discount voucher for 25% discount, for delivery to your home
REGISTER  your details to get your unique ID 
  • Use unique ID when filling your government passenger locator form before entering UK
  • Do your test at home and return to lab as per instructions
  • Get verified result within 24-48 hours
  • You are free as soon as your test is confirmed negative!

Frequently asked questions

What is Test to Release?

Test to release is a scheme set up by the UK government (England only) to allow you to be released from quarantine 5 days after return instead of the 10 days currently required for many countries. You just need proof of a negative COVID test, taken at 5 days, by a government approved testing service. Unfortunately, rapid antigen tests are no longer allowed for Test to Release (though rules change daily and they are still fine for most other travel needs). Instead, we can provide you with a discount voucher for 25% off a PCR test with our partner lab, Randox.

Am I eligible for Test to Release?

You are not eligible for Test to Release if returning for a high risk country that has been travel banned as you will be refused entry into the UK. See latest list here. You do not need to quarantine if you are returning from a country on the travel corridor list, thought to be safe. Currently few, if any countries are on the travel corridor list. Test to Release is only allowed in England......not Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Do I need a PCR test or can I use rapid antigen test?

Unfortunately, you are no longer allowed to use a rapid antigen test for Test to Release, even though it is cheaper, and gives an instant result, allowing you to release from quarantine at day 5, rather than needing to wait for the PCR result to come back from the lab on day 6 or even 7. Instead, the government is currently only allowing PCR tests - for which we can provide you with a 25% discount voucher to use at our partner lab, Randox. Just download from our shop.

How do I join the Test to Release scheme?

You need to buy a PCR test (get a 25% discount with our downloadable voucher) and register with the lab to get a unique code to enter into the online UK government passenger locator form. Your passenger locator form can be completed in the 48 hours before arriving back in the UK, or at the arrival airport. Your test will be sent to your home and you will perform it yourself and return to lab. Your result will take around 24 hours - if negative you are free to release from quarantine (England only).

What is the passenger locator form?

The passenger locator form is a government form you need to complete in the 48 hours before entering the UK. You will be asked to complete it before you are allowed to go through passport control. If you want to participate in the Test-to-Release scheme, you will need to enter a unique ID provided when you buy your test and register with the lab. You can choose to participate after returning to the UK - but you will need to fill out another passenger locator form. Here's a link to the passenger locator form.

I am already back in UK - can I still apply?

Yes - but you have to fill in another government passenger locator form using the unique code provided to you when you buy and register your test with our partner lab, Randox. Download our 25% discount voucher from our shop to get a cheaper PCR test.


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