20 Covid Rapid Antigen Tests

20 Covid Rapid Antigen Tests


Box of 20 rapid antigen lateral flow kits for testing COVID-19 infection in just 15 minutes. 


Not currently licensed for use without a healthcare professional. 


We can provide or train a healthcare professional for you. Just get in touch for advice and pricing to suit your needs.


Kits come with 20x:

  • Nasal swab
  • Mixing tube 
  • Tube stand
  • Reagent 
  • Test cartridge
  • As a UK Government-approved private testing provider, Breathe Assured has developed a unique procedure for remote Covid-19 antigen tests that deliver quick, reliable, and certifiable results. Please get in touch if you need help as these tests are only licensed if performed with healthcare supervision.


    Benefits of rapid antigen tests from Breathe Assured

    • Results 95% accurate in high viral loads – up to 40% in asymptomatic cases. 
    • Positive tests close to 100% accurate.
    • Lab-based PCR tests deliver results in days, lateral flow gives results in minutes.
    • Easy to use, easy to interpret.
    • Most effective when people most infectious
    • Available on request - Breathe Assured’s unique online consultations and public health reporting support the UK Government’s Covid-19 strategy.
  • Please note, these measures cannot eliminate all risk from viruses and other infections, they simply add to the existing government advice on reducing transmission, which must continue to be followed.

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