Aurabeat AG+ Portable Silver Ion Air Purifier

Aurabeat AG+ Portable Silver Ion Air Purifier

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Protect your personal space


Aurabeat AG+ CSP-X1 is a portable medical-grade purifier certified to deactivate >99.5% of COVID-19 on the filter within 30 minutes. It has a streamlined air outlet to ensure effective air circulation, a 3-speed fan to support smart mode with integrated air quality sensor and different purification needs, and a 4-in-1 efficiency air filter.

Suitable for smaller spaces (up to 7m3), desktop, cars.


Price: £179

    • VoltageDC 5V
    • Power3 W
    • Applicable space :≤7 m3
    • CFM15 CFM3
    • Noise52 dB
    • Size68(diameter)×188(height) mm

    Includes Support Type C charging port


    Download the manual here.

  • Aurabeat AG+ Portable 4-in-1 Efficiency air filter works in the following ways:

    1. Prefilter: captures dust, hair, fibres, dander and large particles
    2. Activated Charcoal: removes odours, formaldehyde, total volatile organic compounds (TVOC).
    3. Silver Ion Air Filter: 99.7% filtration for particles larger than 0.3 microns, effectively deactivates COVID-19, general viruses, bacteria, moulds
    4. Anion technology: sterilises and purifies the air

    Aurabeat AG+ High efficiency Silver Ion technology works in 5 ways:

    1. Effectively degrades and destroys viruses
    2. Suppresses virus and infectivity
    3. Destroys the DNA and RNA of viruses
    4. Prevents viruses from attaching and invading cells
    5. Suppresses virus replication

    Most air purifiers on the market can only filter droplets and viruses on the surface of the filter. The virus can survive on the air filter surface and can re-enter the air when the filter is being replaced. With Aurabeat AG+ viruses and other microorganisms are not only captured but effectively destroyed, greatly reducing the risk of secondary infections.

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