Updated: Oct 20, 2020

I’m sure you know that the healthier your workforce, the better it is for you. But do you really understand why? And how can you get improve the success of your business by making employee health a priority?

Here are the 5 top reasons why employee health is vital for your company……


A healthy workforce is less likely to take time off work.

Did you know that, even pre-Covid-19, the average employee took seven days off sick each year of which 40 per cent were for mental health problems? And stress is on the increase…especially now that we are in the midst of a pandemic. You probably know it is a major cause of long term absence and can be a huge headache for HR, as well as for the employee.

A quarter of us are obese – and obese workers take 3-4 extra days of a year than non-obese. Smokers are more likely to be off work with various illnesses, and musculoskeletal problems account for a high proportion of short and long-term absence.


And what do you know abut presenteeism? It’s when employees come to work when they aren’t as fit and well as they can be…and that means reduced productivity. But surely that can’t make much of a difference? Sadly yes – it can cost our business 2-6 times as much as your absenteeism costs. Again, obesity, stress, smoking, musculoskeletal problems and more can affect your employees’ ability to do their job well.

With the justifiable concern about Covid-19, every cough and cold means an automatic ‘stay-at-home’ mandate – along with any others that may have been in close contact with the employee. And, clearly that’s a major headache as well as less profit for you.

Staff turnover

And then there is turnover. How many employees leave you each year? On average, it costs around £32,000 for every employee you lose due to measurable factors like replacing and retraining staff, and employing temporary staff. But there are loads of other costs that are less easy to count.

Staff loyalty

Loyalty is one of them. If your employee isn’t happy and feeling valued by you, they may leave, of course. They may work less productively. But they may not engage so well with customers, they may bad-mouth you to other clients or potential employees and much more. If they’re feeling unwell, fatigued after recent Covid or other illness that feeling of loyalty or ability to engage effectively with clients and colleagues is likely to be reduced.

Motivated staff

And finally, a company that doesn’t value the health and happiness of its workforce is unlikely to attract the dynamic, motivated and healthy new staff that it needs to continue to be successful long-term.

So, if you want to make a difference to the success and profit of your company, you can make huge wins in the five areas I’ve described by simply making the health of your employees an integral part of your business strategy. You will get some short-term wins but also reap the benefits for years to come.

We can help:

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