Visitors must go through fever measures



Detect temperatures, that may signify infections, before they spread  too far

Detecting asymptomatic infections in your employees, before they mix with others in the office or with customers, will help reduce absenteeism in your company - as well as provide reassurance. Our no-touch, infra-red thermometers can detect temperatures on an individual basis - great for home use too.

But, we can also supply pole-mounted devices, suitable for office, school, university or shop foyers which detect raised temperatures as people approach. An option to add AI facial recognition (data protection policies permitting) will also detect whether someone is wearing a mask and provide an alert as a reminder.

Of course, a raised temperature doesn't always mean infection, and a normal temperature doesn't mean that no infection is present - but it's just one more tool to help us all stop the spread of viruses and bacteria as we try to go about our daily lives.

But, it's really important to note that these measures can not eliminate all risk from viruses and other infections - they  simply add to the existing government advice on reducing transmission, which must continue to be followed.

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