In floor standing or portable versions, Aurabeat AG+ air purifier silver ion technology is independently verified to deactivate  over 99% of COVID-19 in vitro.  Suitable for air purification in your home, workplace, social venue or car.

Most air purifiers on the market can only filter droplets and viruses on the surface of the filter. The virus can survive on the air filter surface and can potentially re-enter the air when the filter is being replaced. Aurabeat AG+ filter technology has been shown to deactivate over  99.5% of the human coronavirus causing COVID-19,  and other microorganisms, pollen and pollutants are filtered too.

Aurabeat AG+ High efficiency Silver Ion technology works in several ways:

  1. Effectively degrades viruses

  2. Suppresses virus and infectivity

  3. Destroys the DNA and RNA of viruses

  4. Suppresses virus replication


Read more here on our air purifier technology or see our range of products below.

But, it's really important to note that these measures can not eliminate all risk from viruses and other infections - they  simply add to the existing government advice on reducing transmission, which must continue to be followed.

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